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² Free Skin & Free vBucks

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Get Your Fortnite Account

Fortnite Accout Generator is the first fully functioning tool thanks to which you will be able to generate one of the thousands of accounts available in our database. The accounts have a positive usage history and the account will be permanently assigned to you, no one else will be able to access it.

All Platforms

The Fortnite Account Generator gives you the chance to choose an account from all of the most popular gaming platforms.

¤ Desktop

¤ Play Station

¤ Xbox

¤ Switch

¤ Android

¤ iOS

Free Fortnite Skin

One of the surprises you will get from us is free Fortnite Skin. It is a fortnite gift card in which you will can choice one of the four available skins. Draw now and maybe Midas will be on your new account soon. There are also three epic skins in the draw pool that you will surely be pleased with.

Positive Game History

Each of the Free Fortnite Accounts has an earlier usage history. This means that you will get access to an account in which more than one game was won, as a rule it is from several dozen to several hundred places in the top.

Free vBucks

One of our biggest hits is the chance to win free vBucks. During the process, you will be asked if you want to take part in the drawing, even several thousand vBucks can go to your account, so it’s worth taking part in this giveaway each time.

Over 30 000 accounts

Over 83 000 skins

Over 300 000 vBucks

What is a Fortnite Account Generator?

We’ve shortened the whole account generation process to a few simple steps that should not take more than three minutes. All you have to do is follow the instructions and simply follow the process.After completing all the steps correctly, you will receive a email and password. Just remember that the whole process should be done correctly.

Fortnite Account Generator is a smart account generator that randomly selects the account you will receive. Our fortnite accounts database has such diverse accounts that such a solution was necessary. The number of accounts you can receive is limited to one account per day, it is because many people at the beginning of the project tried to collect as many accounts as possible. We also had to enter verification because bots also started using our site.

To get your Free Fortnite Account, you must go through the entire generation process only, it will only allow you to receive the final account data. Many accounts have valuable items that everyone would love to have. The Fortnite account you receive is for free, there are no hidden fees, you only need to complete the entire process.

In case of any problems with account generation, try to repeat the action in a few minutes or open the generator in another browser. A small percentage of users have a ‘606’ error, in case of such a problem please contact us and we will generate an account individually. If you want to learn more about Fortnite mechanics, visit the wiki.

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Free Fortnite Accounts

The project that we are implementing under the slogan Free Fortnite Accounts gives you the opportunity to look at the game under a different account. So far, you have probably acted carefully with your account. Even if you have more Fortnite accounts, you probably have your main one where you keep most of your skins and vBucks.

Players use multiple accounts for the same game for several reasons, one of which is playing on different servers. Europe, the USA or other countries often have their own servers, which means that playing together is difficult. The situation changes when we have access to several accounts, between short ones we can move. This is where our fortnite account generator helps. You have the opportunity to get access to an account on the server of your choice. Now you are able to play with friends from all over the world.

Another reason is testing new strategies. Every player knows perfectly well that in each game you have to constantly develop your skills. Some tests may have a negative effect on our KDA, so it is worth having an account on which we can test new strategies. The effect of this may be to develop our skills without adversely affecting the statistics of our account.

The most important feature of Fortnite Account Generator, apart from receiving the account, is the free shell and vBucks. Skorka is a great addition to your new account and you will surely be very pleased with it. In addition to our free shell, there may be others on the account. The attraction is also the possibility to get free vBucks. This is a limited giveaway so it’s worth taking advantage of it before the others are faster.

As you can already see, the Free Fortnite Account is useful in many situations, thanks to it you can test new tactics, teamwork, play with people with whom you have not had the opportunity so far and get amazing gifts. There are many more uses of our Fortnite Account Generator, you will surely find something for yourself.

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Does our Fortnite Account Generator work?

There were two main criteria involved. High level of code writing skills and a passion for playing Fortnite.
Many hours of writing the code translated into an advanced program that can infinitely generate accounts. Our free account generator project will be developed until people stop playing Fortnite, and as we all know, this moment probably won’t happen. Fortnite is one of the best games of all time.

We’ve decided to go all in because we think the players community is the best possible community in the world. Each of us knows how much joy and other emotions games such as Fortnite can provide. As we are players, we decided to create something that will be useful to all players. We put a lot of heart into the development of this project and the end is free.

The generator itself is not very complicated, but it gives you access to something that can give us a lot of joy. Our Fortnite Account Generator has already been used by thousands of people around the world. Our database is equipped with accounts from every existing region, the system checks itself which country you are using and adjusts the account to the region. However, if you want to play elsewhere this is not a problem, we give you a lot of choice.


Why our Fortnite Account Generator is the Best?

  • Totally FreeOur generator was created on a player-to-player basis.This means that it was made with the intention of free sharing.All we care about is the fun and joy of the game that we all love so much. This is the only working generator of this type available on the internet. We do not charge any fees for giving you a Fortnite account. We only expect you to complete the process correctly, after all your account will be ready in a few minutes.


  • Free SkinsSkins in fortnite play a significant role. Each of us prefers moving a character that often reflects what people we are or just what we like. Our Fortnite Accounts accounts have many Skins, virtually every player has bought skins for obvious reasons. This means that almost certainly the account you get will have some skin in addition you receive from us a bonus in the form of one of three unique skins.


  • Hides your IPWe came to the conclusion that you have a fortnite account generator should include options for hiding ip. Safety is a priority nowadays, that’s why we’ve included this feature in FortniteGen. The whole process is secured by proxy servers. This means that you are completely safe and no one knows what you are doing.


  • Unlimited number of accountsOur fortnite account generator guarantees account creation almost indefinitely. Our account base is very large, and is constantly updated with new accounts. We receive tens or even hundreds of accounts weekly. This means that the accounts are enough for everyone.


  • Works everywhere: Our generator is adapted to every device, thanks to which you can generate a password on your computer at home and on your phone from anywhere in the world. All this to ensure that Fortnite community has permanent access to accounts.
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Sometimes there is a situation where our account will be stolen and its recovery seems impossible despite the help of the support. It is also possible that someone from our relatives will decide to remove our account from “concern for us”.

Everyone knows what a blow this is to the player.
That is why our fortnite account generator is irreplaceable in special situations.If you want to find more informations about fortnite check this site.

We are constantly trying to improve our project, if you have something interesting to tell us, go ahead and contact us via the “contact us” tab and we will definitely answer after a shorter or longer time.